Saturday, January 26, 2013


Assalamualaikum :)

    First holiday for this year . Yeah , i'm still looking good but there's too much problems . This year is too pack with pgg , love and care and homework . The reason is the last batch PMR . Okay , fine . I can accept it . Yeah , you all know that i wish for this year i can change all my attitude or others annoy thing . Thanks Allah . For give me a chance . I will use this chance wisely . Ya Allah , I can't do it alone . I'm too wild before this . So , for this chance I want to change my life . I want to be a good person beside You . For this year , I'll be sit for PMR , Ya Allah . So , give me a strength to face all the challenges . All my seniors always advise to use the length veil but i can't . I trying too hard but I can't . Ya Allah , I'm asking you to open my heart to accept other people's advise . Ya Allah , please give me a good health , give me a good thinking . Ya Allah , I want to be somebody one day . So please give me STRAIGHT A+ for PMR and SPM . Ya Allah , please brighten my heart . I've do many sins . There's so many black dot in my heart . Ya Allah , please strengthened my mind to remind all knowledges . Ya Allah , i'm begging to you , please forgive my sins . You're my place to complaining , Ya Allah . Thanks for being my good listener . You're my permanent lover <3