Monday, June 3, 2013

It's started

Assalamualaikum :)
       My sem break is slowly end and my journey to PMR begin . I just have about 5 month . I have no time . I have to work hard to achieve my target . I must remember that I'm struggle not just for exam but for Allah . Lillahitaala . Every life has its own challenges so I have to face it . I can't look back . I must go on . To achieve great things , I must not only act , but also dream , not only plan but also believe and pray . I have to fight laziness , influence of friends and temporal . Allah will not change the condition of people if they do not try hard to change it themselves . Please , don't be afraid to stand for what you  believe in . Keep calm . I'm a strong person , i'm a hero . Don't stop revise and pray . InsyaAllah , I'll find my way . My family are hoping that i'll be the one who got 8A's . I don't want to drop their expectations . I will prove to them . Wish me luck :D