Sunday, May 27, 2012

Born day

WASSUP ! Last day , it's my BIRTHDAY ! How wonderful it is ? Now , i'm 14 . WHAT ? I'm old already so I should be more mature . Okay ? For this birthday  I wish , I will get my man dreams , I will get my success and happiness in this world and here after , I will achieve my ambition , I will make my parents , teachers , friends and all people proud of me , I will I can be a person who are always appreciated , I will never afraid of cockroach , lizard and other annoying animals , I will be more independent and disciplined and lastly I will be a good person than before this :-D For this birthday too , I want to say THANK YOU to my parents , friends and all people that have celebrated my birthday with me , give me gifts and greeting me . I hope you all get a wonderful life in this world . I very grateful because I have parents , friends and all people that always remember me and my born date :) IHEARTYOUGUYS <3