Friday, May 25, 2012

Becoming born day

Hi peeps ! I'm back home :) First of all , I want to say THANK YOU to SHA , SHU , JIHA , ALIAH and MY <3 You know why ? Because yesterday night , they do a wonderful becoming birthday party to me  . ALIAH and SHU call me in my room and close my eyes with my towel . Then , they brought me to ground floor . MY and JIHA flush me with a bucket of soapy water . Lucky enough got soapy water if drain water . Ahh , shit ! Out of blue , SHA out of iron room with a coffee cake . Ouh , SWEET ! I'm so shocked of that event . We ceil the cake each others . Our clothes so dirty . Euu ! We clean the place back and take the fragrant bath . Lastly , we slept  in MY's room . Actually , my birthday tomorrow on 26 MAY. Because of 'pulang bermalam' on 25 MAY so they celebrate early than the actual date . Whatever , yesterday is the SWEET MEMORIES to me and my friends ! IHEARTYOUALL <3